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About Sweden attempts to inform visitors to some interesting facts about Sweden so that they are more informed before they embark on a tour of the beautiful country. Though visitors may find it a bit lonely during the winter months, Sweden in summer is an entertainment arena where people get together to listen to music, eat and enjoy each other’s company. Knowing a little history about Sweden always comes in handy. The Swedes celebrate their customs according to the changing seasons. They do not miss out on celebrating intensely in summer after having endured a long, dark winter.

Season plays a major role in influencing the food trends, especially the method by which it is spiced and cooked. Knowing facts about Sweden from a tourist’s point of view is also useful as it helps you to decide the time when one should visit and the customs to follow so that one comes back having experienced a whale of a time. Sweden is home to many picturesque medieval villages, coastal island archipelagos, serene lakes and dense forests.

Interesting facts about Sweden also bring to focus the modern aspects of the country, more importantly the high-tech city of its capital, Stockholm. Modern tourists to the city can expect to be treated to some exquisite dining experience in top class restaurants, a fabulous time in pulsating nightclubs, a quiet time in cozy pubs and a full display of performing arts. Almost everyone in Stockholm speaks fluent English; therefore, an international tourist should not face any communication problems.

You can book hotels in Sweden and the Stockholm archipelago through to enjoy some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Europe.

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