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Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge is another popular sight to visit in Sweden . The Oresund Bridge is the world's longest single bridge carrying both road and railway traffic. In the design full advantage was taken of repetition by composing the major part of the bridge of identical spans. The high bridge with its record-breaking cable-stayed span of 490m is designed to harmonize both structurally and aesthetically with the approach bridges.In 1991 the Denmark and Swedish governments agreed to build a bridge to connect the two countries across Oresund .  Later that year the two parliaments ratified the agreement and scheduled the design to be completed by 1994.  The 16 km long Oresund link between Sweden and Denmark is now complete. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark met on the bridge to mark the fact that Denmark and Sweden are linked once more - 7,000 years after the Ice Age when they were landlocked.  The project opened to traffic during the summer of 2000. The bridge offers the possibility of increased cultural, educational and economic links between Malmo and Copenhagen . Politicians in both Sweden and Denmark have claimed that the bridge will increase business investment and economic activity in the Oresund region.

Lilla Torg (Little Square)

The city's most beautiful square has been the city's main site for trading activities since the 16th century and it is still the centre of life today, with an eclectic but charming mix of 16th century houses, hip sushi joints, cobbled streets and fancy first class restaurants. Nearby Malmö, Sweden has its own tradition in design and its Form/Design Center is housed in Hedmanska garden or court in the old Lilla Torg entertainment district in that Swedish city. The buildings enclosing the courtyard date from the 16th century. In about 1850 a merchant had a large granary built, which today houses the center that opened in 1964.

HSB Turning Torso

This housing estate is unique in its kind. It is a new way of living in Malmös most attractive location. With its spectacular 90-degree twist, Turning Torso consists of nine stacked cubes, each turned slightly. The bottom three cubes will be office space and the top six contain 147 luxury apartments. Many residents, who are expected to move to the rented apartments in November, will have a view overlooking either the flat farmland of Skane, Sweden's southernmost province, or the Oresund strait and Denmark.

The HSB housing cooperative that built the skyscraper originally planned condominiums only, but decided to rent the apartments because of the high costs. The most expensive apartment will be rented for about euro3,000 ($3,700) a month.

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